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Friday, July 23, 2010

I really want to make a sweater...

Obviously, as the title says, I really want to make a sweater, specifically for myself.  And I think that I would like to knit it.  I'm still looking for the right pattern for me to has to be something some what simple (since I'm a less advanced knitter than I am crocheter) and it needs to be pretty and fun looking.  I would like something with a simple cable, I think--though I've yet to even try cables, I've read about them and they seem not so bad.  [Maybe I need to make a little ipod cozy or something to try it first.]

Oh, and not to worry, ye people of blog-dome!  I have been crocheting, WILDLY!  I just can't post about it yet, since it is a secret!  ;).  As soon as said secret is delivered to said secret party, I will post about it and share pictures and all sorts of wonderful goodies!  [NOTE: for those of you that are ravelry friends, be sure to check out my project page....the most recent project is the one I'm working on!!!]

After I finish this project, I need to make two other baby blankets!  Sheesh I'm busy!  My mom has so many teacher friends that are having babies, it is incredible!  I really want to work on the blanket I started for myself, ummmm 2 years ago!  It is so simple, and it is double stranded, yet I'm only like 50% done!  Here is that project.  I originally started it in like June of 2008, but it was HUGE--like HUGE hahah, and I had to frog it, then I restarted it New Years of 2009....and I'm still only half way done. I just want to finish it so that I have a blanket of my own to snuggle under!!!

Here is the original

Yeah, hi, that's way too big hahaha.  ANYWAY, I need to work on that.  I just can't wait to do a whole bunch of crafting!!  I have some paintings to make too--I'm thinking "plaid" made using painters tape and diluted paints, but we'll see!

I've been working a lot, so that's kept me busy, but I LOVE IT!  I have to switch my schedule a bit, but that's ok!! This summer has been way better than last summer so far!

OH, and I'll be going to Florida in like 2 weeks, so I *need* to decide on a project or two to take with me!!!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday was the 4th of July, happy birthday America!  I started my day with a surprise visit from the Coopers!  I used to babysit for these girls when they were 1.5 years old and 1 month old respectively.  They ended up moving out of town years ago and I don't get to see them as often as I like.  You can imagine how happy I was to get a call from them that they were in the area!  I hopped right over to Starbucks and had a lovely visit (though it was too short).  Hopefully I will see them in August :).

After that, I went with my mom to the cemetery to plant flowers on my grandparent's grave and my dads.  Yesterday would have been my Dziadzia's birthday (grandfather), so we always plant flowers and visit.  That was followed by our annual 4th of July hot dog at the Hot Grill....mmmmmmmmmm that was yummy!

After that, I went to the Clifton High School Stadium to hear the Clifton Community Band play as well as see the fireworks!  It was definitely a lovely way to spend the 4th.  I was way excited to try and take some fireworks pictures!  You can see my entire set on flickr.  But here are some of the highlights!

My Garden

My vegetable garden is at my Mom's house, but we both take care of it--I weed and she waters, and we both enjoy it!  Decided to take some photos because the fruits of our labor, or should I say vegetables, are really starting!

We have peas, cucumbers, tomatoes (cherry and "early girl"), jalapeno peppers, and strawberries :).  We've already enjoyed a few cherry tomatoes, so I really can't wait to see how everything else turns out!

Mmmmm cherry tomatoes!

Jalapeno peppers!!!

Peas!!! (These I started from seeds in my apartment!!)

The first strawberry!

And the cucumbers!