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Monday, May 24, 2010

New YARN and new FO!!

Hooray this weekend I finished the blanket I took with me to Denver :).  I had these plans to do multiple colors in it (body one color, border another), but decided against that at the last minute.  I am VERY happy with the results!  I'll post pictures later, as I am too lazy to go get my camera and I'm working on work stuff (yep, 10:21p Monday night I'm working...).

I also went to Michaels because I *had* to spend at least $50 to secure 1500 points with my Michaels rewards card!  It was a special weekend :).  Well, I got a bunch of new and fun yarn!! (Definitely need to go through my stash and use it up ASAP!).

Here's what I got: a skein of "Pomp-a-doodle" that silly looking pom-pom yarn because I just couldn't resist the silliness of it all, 3 skeins of "Bamboo Ewe" the new Stitch 'n Bitch yarn in a very pretty sea-glass color I imagine I'll make a nice knit scarf or something, 8 skeins of "Country" by Caron in 4 colors gonna make a throw for my living room or a baby blanket with it, and 4 skeins of Lion Brand "Amazing" in wildflowers which make 6 skeins of this yarn (I saw a really pretty granny square blanket made from this and I wanted to make my own, dye lots don't match but I'm not gonna care about that).

In other news I got an internship for the summer!  I hope it goes well :).  I will definitely try and crochet/knit my little heart out around the internship!  I'm so excited, this is such a good opportunity for me!

Oh, and Chris and I will be going to DC woohoo!!!!  I need to think of a train project!!!!!!!!!!

AND finally, my goal for this week (if I can squeeze it in) is to go though all of my yarn, take photos of the different kinds and calculate how much I have.  This way I will know what's in my stash and what I have to use (hehee, so I can eventually not feel as guilty buying new yarn!).

Ok, back to work!

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  1. omg look at all that country yarn. i love that line. also i wanted to say that i love your hair