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Saturday, September 11, 2010

NJ Sheep and Wool Festival

Today Chris, my friend and fellow knitter/crocheter/sewer/etc Lindsey, and I went to the NJ Sheep and Wool Festival.  This was the first time any of us went, and wow was it fun!  There were sheep everywhere!  There were sheep sheering events, judging competitions, spinning and knitting classes, food, music, and YARN!!!!  We all took a class to teach us how to spin our own yarn on a drop spindle.  The spindle was made from a dowel rod, 2 CDs, a hook, and a rubber piece to keep it all together--so simple, but so cool!

I did get a bunch of nice yarn!  Some beautiful Alpaca that I plan on making into the "Fetching" fingerless gloves, some hand painted wool boucle, and two kinds of roving (one for mittens and one to try and spin myself!).

I loved the sheep (even though they were pooping and peeing everywhere lol).  I wish I could have taken photos of them all day :).

Definitely looking forward to going back next year! (And maybe I'll come home with a sheep!)



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