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Monday, April 4, 2011

Wine glass charms--Cancer Crushers Fundraiser

On April 30th I will be walking with team Cancer Crushers in the 2011 EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women in New York City.  Part of my goal in participating in this event is to raise money for cancer research--together we can find a cure for this terrible disease.  As part of my fundraising efforts, I created five sets of wine glass charms.  Each set features a different theme of charms and colored glass beads.  For a donation of $10 you can receive one of the following sets.  

"Stars" is a set of five charms featuring different unique star shapes.  The colors included in this set are red, light blue, green, orange, and purple.  

"Birds" is a set of five charms as well.  Each features a unique bird along with different color beads.  Colors in this set are blue, yellow, green, red, and purple.

"Swirls" is a set of six charms all featuring identical swirly pendants.  The colors included in this set are dark blue, purple, orange, pink, green, and turquoise.

Update 4/5/11--"Swirls" are no longer available! :)

"Hearts" is a set of six charms featuring identical heart charms with engraved details on the front.  Colors contained in this set are teal, light blue, orange, yellow, green, and purple.

"Starfish" is a set of six charms with identical starfish charms.  The colors contained in this set are light blue, red, yellow, green, deep blue, and orange.

To make a donation and receive one of these wine glass charm sets do the following:

  • Email me, comment on this blog post, or comment on Craftini Marini's Facebook page and let me know which set you desire.  Once you do this I will place the set on hold.
  • Next, make your $10 donation using this website or contact me for paypal information.  
  • Once your donation is made, let me know via email or comment that you made your donation and you will get your wine charms.
Thank you for your help in supporting this very worthy cause.  Remember these five sets are first come first serve!!


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