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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Knit Picks order came!!!

YAY!!! I was delighted to come home from work on Friday and find my Knit Picks order waiting at my door!  Even though I have enough yarn to last me a few years (I need to reorganize my stash....maybe in a month or two I will do that and post all of what I own **gulp**), it is always nice to receive some in the mail or buy it in the store or get it as a get the idea :)!  All of the yarn in the order is sock yarn--which I plan on using to make more Easter eggs...(for next year) :) and I also tried a set of interchangeable needles (which I am loving!!) and some new stitch markers!!!


Mmmmmmm all the yummy yarn!!!!! KP <3!

Felici in "Moonlit"

Felici in "Rainbow"

Stroll Multi in "Meadow"

And Imagination in "Fairy Princess"

"Mermaid Lagoon"

"Pixie Dust"

and "Unicorn"

When I get new yarn it reminds me how far I have come with knitting and crocheting.  I'm not sure if everyone else is like me, but I know that I started out using yarns from craft stores like A.C. Moore and Michaels (which I still use btw because they are quite useful!) and as I got more skilled I advanced to using more "special" yarns.  I love yarn, knitting, and crocheting so much and I'm so excited to use this new yarn!!


  1. oh i am so jealous!!!
    I remember when my mum was teaching me to knit and would only allow me to buy the yarns from the $1 basket.. its funny, cuz when i knit with the same stuff these days it always brings me back to the days when i would sit on my mums lap as she worked my hands though the stitchs... ahhhh i love yarn!

  2. That is such a sweet memory, I love it! Isn't yarn one of the greatest things on the planet? I love love love it too!!!

  3. Jessica,

    Very Nice KP Stash!!! My DD gave me a KP gift card for M-Day ... so many pretty yarns too choose ... so hard to decide. =)

    Happy Hooking!


    PS - Thanks for visiting my blog.