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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I-91 Shop Hop Pre-planning

This Friday to Sunday is the I-91 Shop Hop--a yarn crawl of 11 yarn stores up and down Rt. I-91 going from Vermont to Connecticut.  I, of course, will be in attendance :) and I'm quite excited about it!  I'll be going with KnittyLindsey and I think it will be quite the fun fiber adventure! We've done a yarn crawl in NJ together so we know we can hit the stores and be successful!

I would like to have at least a few projects in mind to shop for.  While I like buying random skeins of yarn, it feels better to be buying with a specific goal in mind.  Any ideas for any good patterns?  I've been working on the Central Park Hoodie (which btw has the back and both fronts done and I've started a sleeve) and I've really enjoyed that pattern. I think that I'd like to make it as a vest for my mom for Christmas.  Other than that, I'm not sure what to shop for!

Ideas of favorite patterns are welcome :). Pretty please!!! :)


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