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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I've been a very busy crafter lately, even though I have not been blogging about it. Tsk tsk on me.  One of the patterns that I've just fallen in love with is Sheldon the Turtle from Knitty.  Sheldon is a pretty quick knit and makes an excellent gift.  One of the best things IMO about Sheldon is that you can remove his shell and make him other little outfits to wear instead! How fun is that?  Anywho, I went to my bf's niece's 1st birthday party in August and wanted to bring a little gift for her.  I figured that something hand knit would make a nice gift, so I knit her a Sheldon with a pink and purple shell.  Since this was a gift for her first birthday I embroidered they eyes rather than using safety eyes or buttons.  It's totally child friendly!  It was really cute when she opened her present because she gave Sheldon a big kiss! :)

So...Sheldon is *such* a great pattern that I decided to make another one as part of a gift for my cousins' who are expecting their first baby.  This one took even less time to make.  I really love making the shell!  They expecting a baby boy sometime in September (I think).  I'm also making them a baby blanket and I picked colors for Sheldon that match the blanket.  I've also embroidered the eyes to make it totally safe for a baby.

I also really love that I've used yarn that I've had in my stash for both Sheldons!  I love making use of things :).


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