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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bottle Boobies

This weekend I crocheted something that I think might just be the silliest thing I have EVER made.  However, it is fitting that I made it during October, since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Well, this past week, as I was pouring over the patterns in Ravelry I somehow stumbled on a pattern for a can cozy that was the torso of a woman (sort of) complete with boobs and a bikini top.  Of course I immediately started giggling and sent a photo of it to my boyfriend.  I knew this was right up his ally.  Of course I got a reply about how funny that was.  So I told him I'd make him one if he'd like--his reply was "yes! and make one for Myles (his friend) too!"  

So being the good girlfriend that I am, Sunday I went to Michaels to find some Caucasian flesh colored yarn.  I was torn between a Loops and Threads Incredible color and a Red Heart Super Saver one.  After much deliberation and some in-aisle opinion asking I settled on the RHSS in "buff."  I went home...and got hooky!  About an hour later out popped a bottle cozy with boobs!  Later that evening I made the second :).

Seriously this is the funniest thing I've ever made!  If you want to see, you can click on THIS LINK to view them in my Ravelry project page. :).


  1. rofl,every mans dream to have

  2. I was just going through my ravelry and just saw that you linked up with my boobie coozies. It is so much fun to see my pattern loved by men and women alike. Thank you :)