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Monday, February 25, 2008

Update on the granny square baby blanket. So my original plan for that blanket was to make squares using 3 colors: multi-colored, yellow, and white. I changed my mind after I saw how nice the multi-colored and yellow looked and decided to do all the squares half and half with a white trim. Well, this weekend I ran out of the yellow with only 3 more squares to make in it. So, frustrated I went to A.C. Moore where I originally purchased the yarn---and guess what they're out of yellow. They have every other color except the yellow I was using. Harumph! So, I got a "pound of love" in a light green color that will match nicely, and I'm back to my original design of three different colors for squares. I guess I've kind of scratched the idea for white. Maybe I'll do it as a trim, maybe I'll single crochet all the squares together using the white then trim the blanket, I'm not sure. If not, I have a skein of white for another project. :) not that I don't already have enough yarn...hehee.


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