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Monday, July 28, 2008

Afghan for me---to match my new bedding!

So, this is the first official blanket that I am making for myself. I'm moving on Friday into my own apartment. I got some really fun bedding with lots of colors and such and I wanted to make myself a big blanket to go with it. I'm using Caron Simply Soft in white and 10 other colors. I wanted to make it 80" x 100" or basically large enough to cover a full sized bed. I'm making ten strips of ten colors each. The pattern is going to (hopefully) create a diagonal rainbow effect on the blanket. I'm using half double crochet as the stitch for this blanket (nothing fancy). It's creating a nice tight blanket that is not too heavy---it's also very soft but that's because of the yarn I chose I love SS! I'm doing 22 rows of hdc. Now, I planned this all out when I started creating this blanket, but now it seems to be much longer than I had anticipated. I even had measured out how long 22 hdc (with my tension) was so that I would get the correct size--they measured 10". Now they seem much, much longer. I just remeasured and one color block is measuring 11", which means I'll be adding an extra 10 inches to the length of my blanket. This is going to be one monster blanket. I can't changed it, unless I want to go back and un do everything I've done---which I don't. I'm almost done with the second color strip--which means only 8 more to go! My goal is to get this whole thing finished befor school starts on September 2nd.

I hope I can do it!

I think I'm going to attach the strips as I finish them so that I don't have to seams them all at the same time---I really hate doing that it gets so boring and I usually end up taking such a long time doing it. After it's all seamed, I'm going to add a white border to it of some sort. I'm not certain what I want it to look like yet, but I know it's going to be white.

Here's a picture from the Linens and Things website of my new bedding.


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