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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello Denver!

I arrived safely in Denver today :).  I actually brought two projects with me (I guess I was feeling a little bit ambitious when I left the house this morning lol).  I worked on the baby blanket that I posted about last time.  I'm about half way done.  Maybe I can work on it during the conference a bit...idk.

But Denver seems nice so far.  It is much quieter than NYC or even parts of NJ.  The hotel we are staying at is well....interesting.  I probably would never stay here again.  Unfortunately we are in a smoking double so it really smells of smoke here.  We've tried fabric refeshers, and it is a little better, but not by much.

This is the view from our room:

LOL, ahh, the beautiful stadium!  Dinner was pretty good..we went to an Asian grill place and it was decent.

The conference actually starts tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes.  I think that I will have a bit of down time (which probably will be filled with doing homework and final exams), but I do hope to try and see if there are any yarn stores around Denver.  (NOT THAT I NEED MORE YARN), but it couldn't hurt to just look.  There are two that are *relatively* close--The Lamb Shoppe and Fancy Tiger Crafts which both look interesting.

I do miss home, and I'm looking forward to returning to my nice snugglie smoke free bed!  Ok, I'm feeling a bit jet lagged and probably need to sleep!!! NIGHT NIGHT!


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