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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Office

Being a Graduate Assistant, I get the lovely perk of having an on campus office :) (which is shared with one of my fellow GAs--who also crochets and knits yay!).  Anywho, the office is very very boring and honestly, quite ugly.  The walls are bare and unfortunately we have data stored everywhere.  However, as long as my office mate agrees, I'd like to try and spruce it up a bit for next year.  Obviously we can't paint or anything, but I was hoping to come up with some creative decorating ideas (including crochet and or knitting!).

Here's some photos of the office.  You can see our two desks and bulletin board, along with the gigantic printer, printer, and scanner.

This is our one and only window with the built-in (I think it's built-in at least) book case.  That radiator gets *SOOOOO* hot when the heat is on!

The door :).  See all the boxes of data?  YIKES!

And finally, the refrigerator and microwave wall.

The office isn't much to look at right now, but I think that it has some potential.  The walls are messy when you look at them close up, the paint is peeling in some places or it has chipped off, and there are nail marks from where things used to be hanging.  I think this probably is the only arrangement of the room that is going to work since we have to fit all of this stuff in here.

I definitely would like to add some framed photos or posters of some sort, a lamp (maybe) and some decorations.  Any suggestions?  Obviously everything has to be low low low low cost (aka free or found).

I guess this is a good summer project!  I know that I've seen a bunch of fun stuff on the Attic24 blog that I would love to make.  Lucy is such an inspiration!!  I love her flowers, heart bunting/garland, pillows, etc.  I think some of that would be very nice in the office--and I know I'd like a nice desk cushion to sit on--I HATE my chair hahaha.

:) Ok, I better get back to studying for my final that is in 1/2 an hour!


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