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Friday, November 5, 2010

Long over due update!

Hello all you wonderful people in cyberland :).  It has been quite a while since I last posted!  I was really busy studying for my PhD comprehensive examination!  Now that I'm done with that (hopefully I passed *fingers crossed*) I'm not as crazy busy.  I was able to finish a bunch of projects however when I was taking breaks here and there!

I finished a baby blanket for one of my friends:

Finished my purple chunky braided scarf:

 Knit a cowl and a large button hat (even though I look kinda weird in hats....)

Finished my fall floaty scarf:

I also knit my interpretation of a gallbladder because on Monday I have to have mine removed :( and I want one to keep forever!  It probably isn't real size, but I'm going to bring it with me to the hospital, hopefully it will make the doctor laugh!

I also went pumpkin picking and to a corn maze!  You can see the pumpkin picking photos on my flickr :)!

Oh, and I participated in my first 5K on 10/30/10!  I ran/walked and did the whole thing in 40 minutes and 6 seconds.  I know it isn't a really fantastic time, but I'm proud of it on my first try!

Also, I dressed up as Hermione for Halloween :) I made the costume a few years ago and figured it would be fun to answer the door in costume :)


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