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Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm ok!

So my last update was about a month ago, right before my surgery.  Well my surgery went well and I'm basically all recovered!  When I was recovering I had a lot of time to be crafty!

I finished a baby blanket for one of the teachers at my mom's school....

Made a hat just "because" looks a bit odd on my head however, but c'est la vie.

 My friend really likes the game Starcraft and she asked me to make her plushies that looked (as close as I could get to the "Zergling")....these are two of them.

Also made this hat for Chris's birthday.

My other friend asked me to make her a "Sackboy" from the game Little Big Planet, this is the one I made using Alan Dart's pattern for sackboy.

Here is a hat and scarf set made for one of my mom's friend's daughters for Hanukkah.

 Made this scarf as a present for one of my friends.  It is a combination of the "Amy" pattern found on Ravelry and the "Mega Cabled Scarf" also found on Ravelry.

And this is the beginning of my mom's blanket for Christmas :).  She got a lovely new comforter and I'm making something to match.  Her comforter is green with white, cream, and a bronzey brown running through it, so I figured these colors would match nicely!  Hopefully I finish it in time.....and if not, it will be a present for Orthodox Christmas (which is our *real* holiday).

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