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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1/12th of 2011 done!

I think I've had a pretty productive 2011 so far--in crafting, school, and life!  I've been working on a few new projects and I've been commissioned to make two more baby blankets for the first half of the year ;) YES!

I have a deadline of March coming up for blankets for twins--a boy and a girl.  I'm not a fan of giving very gendered gifts myself, but my mom wanted a "boy" colored blanket and a "girl" I do what my mom says (well, when they are for her friend hehee).  I'm just about done with the "boy" one and have started the "girl" one.

The "boy" one :)

Beginning of the "girl" :).

I've also been busy on the train working on my accordion scarf! Interning 3 days a week plus going to see my advisor at least once a week makes for a lot of time commuting!  Especially with all this things are delayed!  I took this picture a few days ago, I'm actually further along!

Oh and not related to yarn per say (except that I *was* knitting as I was waiting for the class to begin....) I participated in the 90 minute challenge at CKO on 1/15/11.  It was awesome as usual.  Each trainer trained us for 10 minutes and kept switching.  Class is usually 60 minutes and you can burn at least 800 calories, so 90 minutes is quite the challenge!

Annnnnnd, since I don't like to make things easy or back down, this past Monday night I created my own "120 minute challenge."  I took two back to back classes with my favorite trainer (and in my opinion one of the harder ones).  My friend Steph and I rocked the two hours...I feel so good that I wish I could do that EVERY single day!

This is "my" bag....I <3 it.  I've kicked off 3 to date....

And I've officially started work on my dissertation!  Last semester was sort of a preview of what I thought I'd be doing, but now it is official!  My advisor even estimates that I might be able to have my proposal done by the end of the semester, which would be fantastic!  The research has to do with causal inference and the effect of being place into a remedial course (or some other sort of course that placement occurs by using a cut score) on students that are virtually the same except being placed differently.  More to come when I have more written out :).


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