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Saturday, August 20, 2011

FO: Project Bags

I've been needing some additional project bags to carry my knitting/crochet projects with me as I commute to the city for work and school.  Today I was bitten by the sewing bug and sewed up three different bags.  I had all the fabric already and the ties are made from shoelaces that I got from Michaels on clearance!  Two bags were made from the "Fabric Palette" fabric that you can buy from A.C. Moore that is approx 18" x 22", so they are a bit squatty.  The third I made from fabric that I got from Fancy Tiger Crafts while I was visiting Denver in April/May of 2010.  It was my first patchwork project and I really am happy with the way it came out! :) I think my sewing skills are improving, but I'm still a beginner!  Making these took mew a few hours all together (including clean up...and a few seams that I had to rip out...whoopsie!).

Here are both sides of the patchwork bag.  I used 18 squares and still have 8 leftover to make something else with!  It is the perfect size for me!!!  I'm most excited, proud, and happy of this bag!  I'm not sure which square I like the most!!

And here are the other two bags.  You can see that they are wider than taller, but that will work for my needs :). Since I'm still just a beginner sewer, with only a few projects under my belt, I didn't want to go fabric crazy.  Maybe in the future!


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