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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Busy busy busy...

The title of this post definitely describes what my 2013 experience has been like up to now.  I feel like I'm going a mile a minute and none of those minutes have allowed me to do any blogging :-/, boo.  I'm sorry if you all feel like I'm ignoring you--because I'm definitely not!

I have been thinking about blogging....I just haven't been able to sit down at my computer and write the entries and post the pictures...but here's a little bit of the posts I'll be posting soon!
  • Ta-da moments of my Christmas crafts
  • A crochet pattern for infant sandals
  • Ta-das of the 2013 FOs (of which there have be 12 already!)
  • Some chatter about CraftiniMarini
  • Perhaps a small poll about items to sell on Etsy
So, what have I been doing when I've been so busy?  Well, I worked on all of the analysis for the simulation portion of my dissertation and wrote up and submitted a draft of that to my advisor!  I've also been working on a bunch of special request projects for my friends--mainly hats and baby items.  And I've been making yoga mat bags to hopefully sell at my yoga studio!  Busy busy busy!  I do feel very accomplished (especially with my school stuff) the blogging part will come.

As always, you can follow me on Facebook: CraftiniMarini
Or on Twitter: @CraftiniMarini
Or on Instagram (which I update VERY frequently): Jessicle322
Or email my new CraftiniMarini email!

I do promise a more interesting post in the very near future!  But until then, why not let me know how your 2013 has been! Have you done anything extra special?  Crafted something great?


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