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Monday, February 3, 2014

Crochet mood blanket January recap

So it has been one month since the crochet mood blanket crochet along started.  I can't believe a whole month of 2014 has come and gone--time really does fly!  Each day of the past month I've crocheted a granny square.  They are supposed to be colors that coordinate with your mood that day, but I decided to pick the color that I like the most each day and use that.  :)  I started with  13 colors, then added 7 more, and then added 6 more after that.  As I started to progress I realized that I might not have enough yarn.  Honestly, who wants to go adding new colors in the middle or the end of the year?  I'd like to have it mixed in as I go along.  If I run out from what I'm using now I'll just add stash.

The last 31 days have been good.  I've been posting each day on Instagram (follow me! @Jessicle322) and I add a little blurb (usually) about why the color I picked attracted me.  It is interesting how I get a few days of subdued colors and then shots of bright colors or sparkles.  I'm working in rows of 15, moving right to left.  January 1st starts with the sliver square at the bottom right corner of the "blanket" in the picture below and January 31st is the sparkly purple square 2 rows above.

So far I'm loving it!  It is a little slow going--I just want to keep making squares! BUT in the end it will be great!  I'm making 360 squares and using the remaining 5 days of the year to do an edging and any finishing that needs to be done.  This is definitely going to be a large blanket--it hangs off the bed widthwise already and will only get wider with the border.

I'll check back in with my progress at the beginning of March :). (And I do hope to blog more often--I've just been crafting in all my spare time!)

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