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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AMAZING Granny Rectangle Blanket

I fell in love with Lion Brand's Amazing yarn.  I love the way the colors look, I like how soft it is, and I like that it is made with wool (almost 50% wool) yet it is machine washable!  I had started gathering skeins of "Wildflower" months ago....I think I actually posted about the first 4 here.  Since then I've been buying a few skeins at a time with this blanket in mind.  I ended up with 20 purchased skeins of yarn.  As I started this blanket, I had an issue with one of the skeins--lots of fiber was unspun and it was kind of gross.  I contacted Lion Brand and they ended up sending me a free skein.  So in total I had 21 skeins for this blanket and I used just about all 21.

Here are some pictures from my project!


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