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Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas decorating 2010

I love the holidays, some years more than others, but overall I love the holidays.  I like to decorate my apartment and just make it as festive as possible!  Right now it smells like pine because I have all different sorts of pine smelling things!!

This year, I decided to make myself a wreath for my door.  I went to Michaels and got a wreath (artificial), two packs of decorative balls on wire, and a nice purple sparkling bow.

After about 30 minutes of careful placing of balls and twisting wires this was the result.  I'm quite happy with it and it now lives on my front door :).

I usually get a bunch of new ornaments each year.  Here are some from this year.

Found these cute bulb looking ornaments at Target along with the candy cane and the wooden owl :).

My Aunt Cathy knows I love owls and picked this up for me.  It is soooo cute!

At the NJ Sheep and Wool Festival in September I picked up this little guy.  It is made from actual fleece :)!

Everyone needs a bear in a scarf :).

Just a pretty colored metal snow flake with bells!  I like the jingling sound!

For Thanksgiving, my Aunt Cathy set each place setting with an angel ornament.  I love it and she is living happily on my tree.

Then I decorate the top of my book cases with various Christmas-ness.  The white bear with the pink hat and scarf is actually dipped in wax that smells like pine.  My mom bought it for me and it smells very good!!

Here is my tree...much better pictures coming soon!  (When I get some time to properly take them).  Even though it is hard to see, I made the bow on top of my tree!

 This is the Nativity under my tree.  It is all crocheted, but I didn't make this.  My mom bought it for me a few years ago at a craft fair before I ever had made amigurumi :).

Once I finish school for the semester, I will post better pictures (aka hopefully more artistic) photos of my decorations!! :)


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