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Monday, December 13, 2010

12 sleeps 'til Christmas!

I seriously cannot believe it is December 13th already.  I'm *so* running out of time with my holiday presents.  I've already told my mom that I'm going to have to give them to her after Christmas because they are just not going to be done in time.  I'm really trying to quickly prioritize my list and make things as quick as I can, but sometimes that just doesn't work so well.

My mom's blanket is coming along....I've almost gone through an entire skein of one color....I hope this is long enough for the final project.  We will see I guess....or I will buy more yarn.  Good thing is that I think Red Heart Soft Yarn is a "no dye lot" yarn so I won't have to worry about matching lots....and the way the colors alternate it shouldn't matter too much if the color isn't matched exactly.

My mom's punch needle is also coming along.  Unfortunately I didn't have much time to work on it this past week because I had final projects looming over my head.  I missed the deadline for Michaels to get it framed.  Perhaps I can make the deadline for A.C. Moore.  Or maybe frame it myself?  Hmmm, idk.  I need to think of a creative way to present the unfinished project as a Christmas gift.

I'm happy that I did decide to purchase gifts online this year.  I have a nice little bag of growing gifts that I will just have to wrap up!! :)

Hopefully after today it will be better for me.  My one class definitely ends this week and my independent might (I'm not sure how those things work anyway...).  I created the cutest book (in my opinion) for my Development of Mathematical Thinking class...I'm tempted to try and post it!!!!

Oh well, best go meet with my advisor now!!!

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