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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Christmas Stockings!

I love holiday crafting.  Like LOVE love it.  There is the excitement of picking the *perfect* pattern with the *perfect* yarn.  I also love that I'm working towards a goal--need to get it all done before Christmas!  But hits.  That mad rush to finish the holiday items!  Because not only do I end up with things I want to make for gifts, but I also go into super Craftini mode for items for my Etsy store.  This year I decided things will be different.  All summer I'll be working to stock my store and will have new rules for custom holiday items.

What would be the biggest help for a Craftini like me?  Getting custom requests in early.  Like months early.  Custom items take time to make.  I put my entire heart and soul into what I make--so when you get a Craftini Marini item it is always made with love and with the best craftsmanship!  So, I was thrilled when I got a custom order in January for a holiday item!  It was an order for four Christmas stockings and I had a BLAST working with this client.  She wanted stockings for herself, her husband, and their two cats--the best part was that I got to match the cats' stockings to their fur color!

She wanted something fun and stripey for herself.  I worked with two different greens, two different reds, and white to create this fun, whimsical stocking!

For her husband she wanted something that looked like a candy cane with a green toe and heel.  I used the darker green and red from her stocking for his so that they would coordinate.  Love the way this came out!

 And for the cats she wanted a chevron pattern using each of their fur colors (silver gray and black) with white.  I LOVE the way these came out.

This was such a fun project!  These were actually my first time knitting Christmas stockings and my first time doing stranded color work.  I know that there will be more of these in my future!  Keep and eye out on my Etsy shop to see if any show up there for the holidays!

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