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Monday, April 21, 2014

Strawberries and cream baby sweater

You know what I love?  Well, ONE of the many things I love, that is.  I love crafting for babies.  There is something so sweet and special when you make something for a little baby.  I try to do it as frequently as I can!

One of my most recent items is a striped sweater in cream and light pink.  The pink is heathered and I'm just so in love with how it pairs with the cream.  I added pink buttons that add the perfect "girly" touch to this sweater.  I definitely need to clarify something--I don't like to genderize (is that even a word) items for babies.  I don't believe that colors are gender specific and that girls should wear only pink and purple and boys only green and blue.  However, this sweater began as a special request by my mom for a friend and since my mom is more traditional that I am, she wanted something pink for the little girl.  So this sweater was born :).

But, to be honest, I do LOVE the way it came out!  Also, plans changed and the sweater is no longer going to the intended recipient, so look for it in my Etsy store in the fall! (If I don't gift it before then!)


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