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Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome 2011, hope you bring lots of crafty time!

It is 2011 and I still have projects started "last year" (and years ago) to finish.  I've made some crafting resolutions to finish as many WIPs (works in progress) as I can this year.  I very much need to finish the blanket that I started for myself in 2008 when I was moving to my apartment....that's the rainbow stripe one that I blogged about in July of 2010.  All the strips are done and a few are sewn together, but I need to finish sewing the rest and the put a border on them.  Another craft resolution is to organize my stash better and to DESTASH more....seriously, my one bedroom apartment is slowing being taken over by yarn and other crafty things.

But on to the new projects!  I still am finishing up my mom's Christmas Blanket...well I should say working on it, not finishing it up.  It is taking a while, but at least I've gone through one set of balls of yarn....I think I bought 5 sets of the 3 colors.....woo.  I posted about it at the end of my last project post (maybe 2 posts ago).  Since that post I've completed a few projects :)

My mom requested a quick scarf for a woman at her school.  This is knit in seed stitch holding 4 strands of yarn together on US 50 knitting needles :)

This pink scarf was made for my friend Steph (she also does my hair yay!!!).  It is a combo of the "Amy" scarf I've made before and the "Mega Cabled Scarf."  Knit on US 17 needles it is knit in k1p1 ribbing with cables, making it reversible!

Scarf for a friend.  He liked a scarf I had from Express, so I mimicked the pattern and viola a very wide/long scarf.

This is maybe my 4th pair of fingerless gloves/mittens.  Made for Matty :).  They are an alpaca blend and very soft and in a nice neutral color.  Just what Matt likes!  Given during the Blizzard of 2010 they came in handy in the snow!

Little lion for my cousin Corinne :).  She fell in love with my mom's--when I got her name in our family secret santa, I knew that I just had to include a lion as part of the gift!

Last year I made my mom dish towels with a crocheted edging.  This year I decided to applique some flowers on towels for her.  I think they came out nicely and made a wonderful quick gift!

Here is the 3rd and final monster (aka my artistic interpretation of a Zergling) for Sue.   She was very happy with them, and enjoyed playing with them at the Cheesecake Factory :).

I have at least one other project that I can't blog about yet, because I still haven't given it away!

Much more crafting to come in 2011!!! (as well as more blogging!)


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