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Monday, January 10, 2011

Blizzard 2010

Right before 2010 ended, NJ was hit by a blizzard...I think we got like 25 inches of snow.  Here are some photos I took the night before the snow ended....

The view from my front door...that's my neighbor's car and our stairs...which don't look much like stairs at the moment.

This is what I saw as I opened my door....

Notice the snow still falling?

One of the doors to the laundry room the day after.

That garage at the end is mine...yep, my car is in there.  I don't own a shovel, so I had to wait for my complex to finally un-plow-me-in.

It got really windy that night.  As I went for a walk the snow was blowing everywhere!!

Our town plowed semi-well......


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