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Monday, January 10, 2011

Some first week of January 2011 snow!

When it snows I think everything looks like frosted cupcakes :).  It snowed the other day again, but not nearly like the "Blizzard of 2010."  So armed with my new camera bag (holds my camera and stuff like my wallet and keys hooray!) I ventured out to run a few errands.  I of course snapped a bunch of pictures along the way!

The fire hydrant looked like a snow cone :).  I loved the way the yellow looks against the snow!

The winter sky looks so beautiful!

I think this snowman is extra frosty!  However, I don't think he really minds at all!

Little lights in the snow...I wonder if they get cold at all?  It is nice to see some bright colors against the wintery background!

Picnic time anyone?  We'll be serving snow cones and ice cream!

Part of a tree exists among the ice and pavement.

The sky is beautiful!  The garbage can looks like a dessert!

Feet :) in snow boots.

The orange snow warriors line up, ready to go to battle!

In the distance, the city exists in a wintery wonderland.

Careful while crossing, it might be icy!

I love the way the snow sparkles....

We're supposed to get another storm Tuesday into Wednesday...hopefully I'll get a chance to take some more photos!


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