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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Interchangeable Needle Sets

I think that I would like to buy a set of interchangeable needles. They are good to have so you don't need to buy a ton of different circular needles. I have a few pairs of circulars, but I find myself buying the same needle size with different cable lengths, which is kind of a waste. It would be much better to have one set of needle tips that you can change with different cable lengths. This way, not only do you save space, but you know you have a set all ready to go with various cable sizes! No more running to A.C. Moore or Michaels to get a different size cable!

Well, anywho, I digress a little. I've been looking at the Knit Picks sets cause I like that company and they look nice :). The sets are kind of expensive and there are different types of needle it can be confusing what to get. Also, what if, by some strange chance, I don't like working with interchangeable needles....I would have wasted like $80! Well, I found this lovely set today! It comes with three size needles and two different size cables AND each of the needle sizes is a different material. It is like the perfect tester set! AND it is under $20. SO cool! I might have to get this in the near future :).

TRY IT Needle Set from


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