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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bestest's Birthday Gifts

My best friend Matt celebrated his birthday this past weekend.  I usually have to think long and hard about what to get/make him because I always want my gift to be perfect (because he is so dear to me :))! Luckily he really appreciates the gifts that I hand make for him.  So this year I decided to go with a "comforts of home" themed birthday gift.  Included in the gift was a crocheted tea light holder, a cotton basket to hold items on his dresser, a crocheted basket/bag, and a pair of slippers!  

I completely fell in love with the tea light holder and will definitely be making another one!  I used an empty Smucker's jam jar and crocheted over it using a silver yarn.  I just love how the candle light shines through the crocheted sections.

I crocheted a cream colored basket for his dresser (or wherever else he'd like to put it).  Matt is so organized, so I figured that a basket like this would come in handy for him.  It can be folded down to hold shorter objects too.  AND it is washable!

As you know from a previous post, I'm sort of obsessed with these bags/baskets.  I figured it would be useful for something in Matt's room.  It was cute that he recognized it when he opened his gift! (Way to go Matty!!!!)

And finally I made him a pair of dark blue slippers.  I really love this pattern--not only are they comfy, stretchy, and warm, but the pattern is completely ingenious and I love knitting them!  I definitely have to make a pair for myself sometime soon.  Perhaps I'll make a few of these for Christmas gifts too!


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