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Thursday, June 28, 2012

FO: Bedroom pillows

This spring I decided to get a new quilt for my bed because I was tired of the other one that I had. I ended up finding *THE PERFECT* one at Kohl's.  Purple and gray with leaves and vines stitched along in.  I fell in absolute love with it!  However Kohl's did not have any shams to go with it, except for the European kind which I didn't want.  So I was left with a bit of a do I make my bed without shams?  I decided to buy the quilt anyway.  My friend Matt was with me when I found it and he liked it a lot too!  After purchasing it we went to 2 or 3 different stores to try and find shams to go along with it, but had no luck.  We took it home and put it on my bed.  After thinking about it for a while, I realized that I had pillows on my couch that would match the quilt and easily let me bring in other colors to match it!  However, I felt that these pillows (the two butterfly ones and the paisley one) didn't quite "finish off" my bed.  Soooooo I decided to crochet myself two more pillows to go along with them.  I decided that these pillows would tie in the green, blue and cream in the butterfly pillows with the green, blue, cream, and purple in the paisley pillow.  I used a pattern from a Sarah London book (it's really just a granny square) and use the remaining yarn from my "bring-it-on baby blanket."  I was actually surprised at how much yarn these pillows used up!  Not only did they take up 4+ skeins of Naturally Caron Country, but they also took one skein of Naturally Caron Spa and some Simply soft that I had that matched.  I'm really happy that I got to use up stash to make these...and I love the look of my bed!  Next up is to make a matching throw.....I've already the yarn from Knit Picks (Comfy Sport!!!)....mwah-ha-ha ::evil yarn lover laugh:: ;).


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