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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dish towels!

In an attempt to decrease the amount of yarn that I have stashed (aka "destash") I'm trying to find little projects to knit and crochet (quickly) that will be useful and help me use up my yarn. (So I can ultimately get more..shhhh).  Well, I found a wonderful pattern to make dish towels!  At my mom's house we always had a towel hanging on the fridge.  Sort of a "clean hands only" towel to use rather than always drying your hands with a paper towel.  Usually these were an actual towel that had a crocheted top section to allow it to be buttoned around the fridge handle.  I've tried knitting a towel like this before, but the pattern I picked was mostly stockinette stitch which ended up curling when it was on the fridge and it didn't seem absorbent or soft etc.  So recently I came across this pattern.  Funny enough, my mom noticed the first (curling) towel I had knit and fell in love with the idea of it.  So, I decided to knit her one using the new pattern that I found.

This is the result:

I used some cream colored yarn that I had and a sage green colored yarn to accent it with (it looks a bit darker in the picture than it is in person).  My mom's kitchen has both colors in it, so I figured it would go nicely and if she really hated it, it also matches my kitchen.  Well, she loved it!  It is very soft, does not roll, and is absorbent!  Sooooo, I decided to knit one for myself as well :).

There are definitely more of these planned in my future! I think a set of these would make a nice addition to a house warming gift!


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