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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday

So, I'm not an impulsive person.  Ask my Mom and my friends.  When making decisions, ESPECIALLY when making purchases, I take my time and never rush into a decision.  (Shopping with me can sometimes become annoying, I imagine, because I put so much thought into my purchases...but c'est la vie.)  Well, the other day I surprised myself with my impulsiveness!  I was in A.C. Moore browsing the yarn (and picking up a few skeins of Vanna's colors which were on sale for $1 each--can't beat that!) and I came across a bag of gray yarn that was SUPER soft and a bag of super soft purple yarn in the "mill ends" section.  I quickly fell in love with them and decided that I'm going to make Sean (my bf) and I a blanket that is just "us"--he loves gray and I love purple.  Sickeningly cute, I  know.  So into my basket they went and I checked out.  I also started the blanket that night!  (It's called Impulsive btw in my Ravelry projects).

I'm using the granny stripes pattern from Lucy of Attic24.  I've used this pattern before for baby blankets and it has always produced lovely results.  I'm not sure how many I chained, but the blanket is just about the width of my full-sized bed.  My original plan was just to crochet until I had finished the two bags of yarn, but when Sean saw my progress he was so excited to use the blanket to cover up with that I decided to go and see if another bag each of the colors existed (which they did).  So now I'm going to crochet until the two bags of yarn is gone.  This should hopefully make a blanket long enough to cover an adult (rather than just be a lap blanket).  I had been crocheting this on the train during my commute, but since it is getting larger I haven't taken it the past few days.  However, it is really growing quickly!!  Here it is in it's current state!  I'm really excited!


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