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Sunday, June 17, 2012


For the past week I've become sort of obsessed with a pattern for a crocheted bag.  Yep, a crocheted bag.  The pattern is from Purl Soho and published in the Purl Bee blog.  You can find the pattern here.  This bag/basket is GENIUS!  It has a marvelous construction and is amazingly stretchy.  I seriously cannot believe how much stuff I can fit into one basket!  I have visions of storing all sorts of things in these baskets!  Watch out friends, I bet you'll be getting these for gifts! :)

Here are two I've made this past week.  I used up some of my Red Heart Super Saver stash that I had around.  They take about a skein and a half to make the entire bag and can be made in a day, I imagine.

So here is the first bag that started the obsession.  I put a bunch of different yarn that I had in random bags in my bedroom into it.  

I just cannot believe how much I could fit into that bag!  8 skeins of Vanna's colors, 6 skeins of Cotlin, 4 skeins of Felici sport, 2 skeins of Felici fingering, and 1 skein of Chroma worsted...and I'm sure I could have fit more!

I really liked how the colors flowed into this bag.  I'm usually not a fan of crocheting with variegated yarn, but this just really worked for me!  Also, the beauty in this pattern (if you're using variegated yarn) is that you cannot see where the yarn change was made.  The pattern doesn't really allow for a uniform pooling of colors, which is great for using up multiple skeins!

Here is the second one.  There is definitely room in this bag for more! I think I have over 26 skeins of comfy sport in it and I know it can take more!

I seriously love love love these bags!!! :)


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