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Friday, June 22, 2012

FO Friday: Baby P's blanket and bunny

One of my close friends from school (Brian) and work and his wife (Sue) are expecting their first baby in the next few weeks.  I've known Brian since about 2006 when I started graduate school, so of course I was going to make something for their new addition.  Since the baby is due in July, I decide to make a light weight stroller blanket using Felici Sport.  I really fell in love with this blanket AND yarn.  The original pattern, which you can find here listed as "Zig and Zag Pram Blanket," was written to use up odds and ends of sock yarn--meaning lots of different colors, etc.  While looking at the finished versions of this on Ravelry, I came across someone who made the blanket using Felici Sport from Knit Picks, which stripes by itself, and I fell in love.  I decided that I must make a version of that blanket!  It was surprisingly easy to make as well (and quite cost effective, since it only took 4 balls of yarn).  Prior to blocking I was afraid that the blanket would be too tiny because it was less than 2 feet across and less than 3 feet long...but after blocking it really opened up and became the perfect size.  ANNNNND it is oh so soft!  Along with the blanket I included a knit bunny blanket buddy bunny.  I love this pattern because it makes such a cute gift!  I used really soft yarn and it is a nice size for cuddling.


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